Development History • Engraving pride and glory
development history

Twenty-eight years witnessed us from the birth to the metamorphosis, from ignorance to maturity, from a leafy boat to a distant giant.

Nanhua, the power of the industry.

  • 2020年

    Nanhua is becoming a leading manufacturing and machining center in the industry

  • 2013年

    Fixed assets and current assets of RMB 150 million

  • 2008年

    International cutting-edge, sophisticated processing equipment and assembly line production equipment such as 20,000-ton automatic program-controlled hydraulic press

  • 2003年

    With modern clean workshop, Swiss Baicha laser cutting center and CNC bending machine, American Haas processing center, American Youluo high-speed CNC punching machine

  • 2002年

    Specializing in the production of plate, tube heat exchangers and air heat exchangers and application technology products in the fields of hygiene, food and fine chemicals

  • 2000年

    Mr. He Zhenliang, the former vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee, wrote the name of the company for the company.

  • 1995年

    Mr. Fan Xudong, one of the four famous patriotic industrialists in China, who was praised by Chairman Mao Zedong, cares and supports Mr. Lin Shouqi

  • 1992年

    The company was founded in 1992