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Standard configuration
Standard configuration

The high-quality equipment of Nanhua Company's products comes from the basic supporting of world-class brand components.

  • Human machine interface and program control system of Siemens, Germany

  • France Schneider's electrical components, heavy-duty inverter

  • Germany Festo Solenoid Island

  • Germany JUMO Digital Recorder

  • Danfoss small frequency converter

  • British Spirax Sarco's steam valve components (stop valves, filters, pressure reducing valves, regulating valves, traps)

  • Germany E+H electromagnetic flowmeter, conductivity meter

  • Liquid level detecting element, pressure sensing element, temperature sensor of Yifumen, Germany

  • Swedish PEN-TR temperature sensor

  • Thermal pump in Grundfos, Denmark

  • German Pod's liquid regulating valve, opening and closing valve and steam shut-off valve, solenoid valve

  • German GEA sanitary valve parts

  • Pneumatic constant pressure valve and material pump in Alfa Laval, Sweden

  • APV sanitary valve, material pump

  • Germany NETZSCH screw pump

  • Japanese SMC pneumatic components

  • Compressed air tube - the highest level of national nuclear industry for tetrafluoroethylene gas pipe

Material process
Material & process

316L and 254SMO material resistant to chloride ion corrosion, high-end stainless steel self-made or custom fittings and material pumps. Heat exchange tubes processed by laser welding.

  • 304L for general health applications - from Shanghai Baoxin, Zhangjiagang Pohang

  • 316L for acid and alkali resistant applications in advanced hygiene areas - from Shanghai Baoxin and Zhangjiagang Pohang

  • 254SMO for acid and alkali resistant, chloride ion resistant applications in advanced hygiene – from Outokumpu, Sweden

    254SMO high grade stainless steel: can be used for salt content ≤20% at ≤140°C                                   In the case of ≤100 °C, it can be used in the case of salt ≤25%